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Top Fortune Enterprises Ltd. (established 1998), is a private company 

with HQ in Beijing, and office in Israel. The company provides services for western importers working with Chinese manufacturers, and also for sellers (B2B) exporting to the Chinese market.

most of the customers are Leaders in their field, and most of the business is based on personal connections and reputation.

the main added value of Top Fortune, is to improve the commercial conditions, such as price, quality, exclusivity, knowledge transfer and IP, and other aspects, depending on case by case. the activity fields are diverse, Top Fortune Team work personally with each customer. following are some of Top Fortune customers:

Konrad Hornschuch AGworld leader in artificial leather for automotive, member of Continental group.

Kik Textilien und nonfood GMBHa German discount chain-store, among the biggest 5 in EU, with over 3500 shops and 25,000 workers.

Tri International sourcing and trading GMBH, a German importer, operating online shops, and mail order catalogs.

ISCAR LTDworld leader in the field of metal working tools, based in Israel.

Gat foods, MedijuiceIsraeli companies dealing with juice concentrations.

E.G.M investments (currently E.G.M 18 at Razpol). an israeli importer of consumer goods.

Our management team

Mr. Gao Yi (高义),

Owner and general manager

Mr. Gao served for 10 years as an official of China Central government. His position was in a Trade bureau, who managed the commercial activity with foreign countries. Mr. Gao was responsible for the activity with Israel. 

during the 90's the private trade begun to expand between Israel and China. Mr. Gao finished the Government service during 1998, and established his private business.

Mr. Gao is also owner of "Advanced Tenchnological Solutions Ltd" which is the official representative of Siemens, for the sales of Omative software in China. Omative is a cutting edge technology for CNC machines, improving the machine capacity by adaptive control.

Mr. Gao has over 30 years of experience working between Chinese and western companies, both selling and buying. 

additionally, Mr. Gao speaks fluent English and has a very good understanding of the western mentality and expectations.


Mr. David Gothelf,

Business development manager,

Israel Branch

Lives and works in Israel. previously worked for an Israeli importer and trading company with Israeli and European customers, close to a decade. David is the western part of the management, and contributes to share the western consideration on the customer's side.


Mrs. Carol Qin (秦)

Operation and administration manager

located in the Beijing office, and manage the operations.

works for Top Fortune since 2011.

previously worked for a large Chinese enterprise, dealing with international trade of consumer and industrial items.