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Quality is vital for any business.

while poor quality may risk the business,

good quality ensure sales and stability.

checking the quality is more critical with new products or manufacturers. 

but also for repeated orders running for long time, mistakes can happen.

so it is always a consideration of inspection cost vs. importance of the shipments quality. 

checking the quality before shipment, shows to the manufacturer these shipments are important, and you can't afford problems and mistakes.

when you don't check the quality, it means you can accept mistakes and misunderstanding from time to time, and you trust to have an agreed compensation in the next deliveries if necessary.


the inspection should provide an objective report of the situation in field, to the buyer.

the inspector collect random samples, take all the measurements, and report all the details to the buyer's request. 


the buyer can also ask to send samples to a 3rd party such as testing institution / laboratory /etc., for deeper analysis of the random samples.

considering some judgement may be needed in field, in some cases it will be required to provide quality samples, that were officially confirmed by the buyer and factory. 

many of the defects found in QC are best understood by photos. if there's a stain on the cloth, the buyer would like to know how it looks like. in such cases, a photo worth a thousand words.

the inspector should understand the buyer considerations well.

it is important to have good communication channel between the buyer and inspector. moreover, in most cases the buyer will ask questions about the report, and the inspector should be available to communicate well.

another very critical and important thing, is that the inspector will be totally loyal to the buyer side, and will not be exposed to over involvement with factory side, in order to ensure successful inspection, in the long term.


The cost of quality inspection service is charged per day.
normally a day is enough to inspect all of the things so it's an economic solution.


we cover most of the production areas in China, so you are welcome to check with us on your particular case.

the fields of QC are diverse, and we can assist with most production fields, such as consumer goods, CNC parts, electronic components, textiles, and others.

for all the other questions and remarks, you are welcome to contact us.